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All About TikTok Star Loren Gray - 'Lauren' in Taylor Swift's New Music Video the Man

All About TikTok Star Loren Gray - 'Lauren' in Taylor Swift's New Music Video the Man

All About TikTok Star Loren Gray - 'Lauren' in Taylor Swift's New Music Video the Man

Taylor Swift's teen prodigy? Meet the 17-year-old singer with 59 MILLION followers on Instagram and TikTok who landed a starring role in the popstar's latest music video.

Since Taylor Swift released her new music video for her single The Man this morning, fans have been dissecting it slide by slide, uncovering clever references, hidden meanings, and stealth messages the singer placed throughout the clip.

They've also noticed a quick cameo from TikTok star Loren Gray, who pops up for all but a few seconds but earns Taylor's pointed praise for her 'excellent work'  and 'astonishing' performance.

But while Loren has millions of social media followers — 39.6 million on TikTok alone — some viewers are just discovering the 17-year-old singer for the first time.

Loren Gray Beech, professionally known as just Loren Gray, can be spotted in the music video's tennis scene.

While 'The Man' throws a tantrum on the court at a charity tennis match, she stands off to the side in her uniform and cap, hands behind her back, remaining calm and unmoved by his theatrics.

The camera pans to a close-up, and Loren rolls her eyes.

At the end of the video, Taylor, sitting in the director's chair, gives the male star some pointers, asking him, 'Could you try to be sexier? Maybe more likeable this time?' — echoing the kind of feedback women in the industry often get.

But to Loren — who barely did anything — she says, 'By the way, excellent work over there, Loren. That was astonishing.'

While the not-so-funny joke is that Loren hardly earned the praise, it's not even close to her first time on camera.

Originally from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Loren started to grow her massive following back when she was in middle school.

When she was in sixth grade in 2015, she joined the video-sharing app, which was used by teens to post lip syncing videos — and quickly earned a following.

'I wasn’t aware of social media fame, it was more just making videos with my friends,' she told Interview magazine last year.

'Then girls at my school started getting followers, and when I looked at my account I noticed that a bunch of my videos had been featured and I had like 30,000 followers. I went to my parents and I was like, "I don’t know what this means." I’d just turned 13.'  

Girls at school started to bully her, and it got so bad that she dropped out and moved to Los Angeles.

'It was not a difficult decision to leave school, it was really easy. School was kind of rough for me.

People weren’t always the nicest with what I was doing,' she said in a YouTube video.

She kept working on building her social media presence, even as became TikTok.

Now, besides her 39.6 million on TikTok followers, she also has 3.69 million YouTube subscribers, 18.7 million Instagram followers, and a million Twitter followers.

Her Instagram followers include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Miss America 2020 Camille Schrier.

Her success has spilled offline, too. She's signed with Virgin Records and Capitol Records, and has released several singles, including 'My Story,' 'Queen,' 'Options,' and 'Can't Do It' featuring rapper Saweetie.

She's also racked in some nominations, including Choice Muser at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, Muser of the Year at the 2017 Shorty Awards, and the Social Star Award at the 2019 iHeart Radio Music Awards.

Making a cameo in Taylor's new video is certainly a big deal, but it's also not Loren's first music video: She also appeared in English pop singer HRVY’s music video for 'Personal' in 2017.

And earlier this year, Online Casinos named her TikTok's top earner, in its TikTok Rich List, estimating that she can make up to $175,000 per post.

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