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Amazing Beauty of The Most Talent Geisha in Japan - Inspiration For "The Memories of A Geisha" Movie

Amazing Beauty of The Most Talent Geisha in Japan - Inspiration For "The Memories of A Geisha" Movie

Amazing Beauty of The Most Talent Geisha in Japan - Inspiration For "The Memories of A Geisha" Movie

The elegance and life of Mineko Iwasaki used to be a source of inspiration for the Memories of a Geisha.

When talk about geisha, the "muse" of Japanese art, no one forgets Mineko Iwasaki, the beauty of a time in the "Land of the Rising Sun" - Japan.

Mineko Iwasaki was born in 1949 in Kyoto as one of the leading geisha until she retired at the age of 29.

At the age of 5, Mineko Iwasaki left the family to study traditional dance at an okiya (geisha training complex), in Gion district, Kyoto. At the age of 15, Iwasaki became a maiko (an apprentice geisha) and when Mineko Iwasaki was 21, became the most famous geisha in Japan.

Mineko Iwasaki has an oval face, white skin and peach-like lips. Not only famous for its picturesque beauty, Mineko Iwasaki is also praised for bringing the traditional disciplines of cherry blossoms country such as dancing, singing, playing ... to the peak of art.

During the years of the arts, Mineko Iwasaki met many famous people, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

There are a lot of beauty fans and her talents but also a lot of envy for Mineko Iwasaki. In her memoirs, she recounted that she always had to carry a sharp piece of bamboo to defend herself because she was attacked by groups of men on the street.

At the age of 29, Iwasaki retired because he felt that it was no longer in line with the restrictions of the geisha world and felt that the profession was not appreciated.

Iwasaki is especially famous all over the world for being a source of inspiration for a novel called Memories of a Geisha, once made into a film. In it, Mineko Iwasaki only agreed to talk about her past as long as the author Arthur Golden kept her name private.

However, Arthur Golden not only revealed the identity of Mineko Iwasaki, causing her to be threatened with death for violating the geisha's traditional silence laws, but also writing many untrue details. In 2001, Iwasaki sued Golden for improper variations. Later, she also wrote a memoir and it became a best-selling book for a while.

Like other geisha and maiko, Mineko Iwasaki has to follow many rules to preserve his pure beauty. Leaving the skin bright and delicate like a baby's skin despite the thick makeup every day, geisha like Mineko Iwasaki never forget the exfoliation step with sea salt, green tea and rice bran.

In addition, to keep hair smooth and black, they often use oil extracted from camellia. These traditional ways of beauty are still believed and followed by many women.

Mineko Iwasaki in real life (left) and on film (right)

Iwasaki performed tea ceremony art.

She has a smile like a peach blossom

She was photographed in The Sun magazine.

Mineko Iwasaki when she was young (left) and when she was old (right).

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