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Angelina Jolie's 16 Year Old Swimsuit First Photoshoot Hot Again

Angelina Jolie's 16 Year Old Swimsuit First Photoshoot Hot Again

Angelina Jolie's 16 Year Old Swimsuit First Photoshoot Hot Again

SHE'S one of the world's most famous actresses but before she was a household name Angelina Jolie took part in a photoshoot.

Angelina Jolie's photo shoot of a swimsuit ad at the age of 16 was re-shared on social media that caught the attention of fans. The actress was praised for being beautiful, seductive and magical.

Recently, a series of photos of Angelina Jolie taken at 16 years old were re-shared on social networks and attracted the attention of fans. The series was taken in 1991 - when actress Maleficent was 16 years old and a bikini model. The audience is impressed with the beauty of youth but still subtle wild, seductive and somewhat of Jolie.

Pictures of the 39-year-old as a teenager have been released, showing her posing in a swimsuit wearing red lipstick.

Staring into the camera, Angelina is clearly recognisable despite the shoot taking place in 1991 - meaning the mother-of-six was 16 years old.

Angelina Jolie has a beautiful sharp face with bright deep eyes and thick sexy lips. Thanks to the beauty advantage, the actress does not need to pose too much when taking photos of advertisements or magazine photos. This also helps her avoid being forced to incarnate on topics beyond the age of 16.

Of that time, she has said: "I had that problem early on when I couldn't feel a bond with another human being. Mostly it was all about trying to connect."

While the star made her best effort to put her feminine wiles on show during the shoot, the images are positively demure compared to what was to come in the following years.

As well as a shock red carpet kiss with her brother James Haven, Angelina had a bisexual relationship with a Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu and famously wore a vial of her then husband Billy Bob Thorton's blood around her neck.

However in the last five years and with an Oscar under her belt for Girl Interrupted, Angelina has tamed her wild child ways, successfully transforming herself into a box-office star, UN goodwill ambassador and mother of four.

However, the beauty of Angelina Jolie has always been praised by the public. She started acting in 1982, when she was 7 years old. At that time, Jolie appeared in the film Lookin 'to Get Out with her father - Oscar-winning movie star Jon Voight. Angelina Jolie has her full name Angelina Jolie Voight but she left the Voight name when choosing her stage name.

11 years after her debut film, Angelina Joile began to shine in the 7th art. She entered the top of Hollywood stars thanks to her roles in Cyborg 2 (1993), Hackers (1995). In addition, Jolie also shone with the series George Wallace, Gia (1998), Girl, Interrupted (1999), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), Mr & Mrs. Smith (2005), Wanted (2008), Salt (2010). The actress specializes in the image of a female character who is strong, strong and somewhat lonely in life. Many people think that these roles reflect Jolie's true self.

It has been 26 years since Angelina Jolie became famous in the world, the actress is still one of the most powerful names in the entertainment industry. The 44-year-old star has been praised for both her beauty and acting talent. In the eyes of the audience, she is always one of the most attractive stars in the world.

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