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Camille Yolaine a Vintage Style Girl From Paris

Camille Yolaine a Vintage Style Girl From Paris

Camille Yolaine a Vintage Style Girl From Paris

Camille Yolaine has made a career out of writing and is a dab hand at drawing too.

This new Parisienne to know doesn’t fuss over labels, instead cultivating her simple style with pure aesthetics which work from day to night.

Recently, Vogue Paris magazine announced that 30 girls living in the French capital possess impressive fashion styles.

In particular, Camille Yolaine is the name most mentioned by fans for possessing sweet beauty.

Her small face and big eyes and charming smile are the characteristics that help her easily attract the opposite person.

Originally from Alsace, Camille has lived in Paris since she was 7 years old. At 5’2, she sees Paris in all of its grandeur. She began her career in the French capital as a beauty writer for My Little Paris, before lending her pen to The label Rouje.

Now working as a freelance writer, she now lends her talents to the brands she loves, and sometimes models for her friend’s brands when she’s not busy writing or drawing.

Her latest endeavor? Contributing to Petite Chineuse, a vintage concept store on Instagram, where chic retro-style pieces are posted for sale.

Her biggest guilty pleasure is a freshly-made, crispy, and warm baguette. She can also be often spotted with flowers or a book.

When she first arrived in Paris, she took the position of beauty editor for My Little Paris and then fashion editor of Rouje - a famous brand founded by Jeannes Damas.

Camille Yolaine is hardly obsessive over current fashion trends, instead she savors pieces like her vintage Cacharel dress, a gift from her mother for her 24th birthday (also the dress she’d been eyeing up since 4 years old).

Obsessed with of vintage clothing, Camille Yolaine has a pension for soft and loose materials, as well as fabrics that almost feel like liquid on the skin. For her everyday look, silk floral printed dresses or skirts, or just a casual T-shirt and jeans - effortlessly chic.

Sometimes she opts for sailor stripe sweaters bought during trips to Touquet, bringing a little bit of sea air with her while she’s on the go. In the winter, she opts for darker colored sweaters, slightly bohemian-style blouses, and oversized blazer jackets. As for shoes, always a pair of heels, her go-to.

Knitted sweaters, skirts and jeans are her favorite items. Camille often divided clothes to wear according to the season.

In the summer, she shows a slender image with dresses with polka dots, small flowers or square neck designs.

When winter comes, Camille likes the oversized style to make herself comfortable but still warm.

Sapphire or turquoise is often chosen by bloggers because it shows the intelligence and not too flashy.

Moreover, most of her clothes adhere to a principle: "Flatters Her Figure".

The skirt must have a design that fits closely to the upper part to show off the chest and waist. For jeans, she always kept her eyes on the high waist to "hack" the height.

If you follow Camille Yolaine Instagram @camilleyolaine, you will realize that this small girl rarely wears heavy makeup.

Her beauty routine is simple, and works for the daytime same as the night. “I just add a little lipstick, some blush on the cheeks, and presto!”. In keeping with the current fashion trends, during the evenings she favors long dresses with thin straps, a nod to a Fifties-style aesthetic.

Source: Vogue

Photos Credit: Camille Yolaine Instagram @camilleyolaine

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