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Miss Korea 2019 Kim Sae Yeon Breaks The Internet: She was more beautiful than the former Miss Korea 2018

Miss Korea 2019 Kim Sae Yeon Breaks The Internet: She was more beautiful than the former Miss Korea 2018

Miss Korea 2019 Kim Sae Yeon Breaks The Internet: She was more beautiful than the former Miss Korea 2018

20-year-old graphic designer, Kim Sae-yeon, was crowned Miss Korea 2019 during the 63rd edition of the national contest held on Thursday, July 11 in in the Grand Peace Hall at Kyung Hee University, in Seoul. She bested 31 other contestants to win the coveted national title.

For a long time, the beauty of New Miss Korea has been greatly praised by thepublic.

This year’s competition was broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook. The judging panel were experts in the areas of fashion, music and entertainment, joined by actresses and former Miss Korea.

The winners are expected to represent Korea at the Miss Earth 2019 and Miss International 2019 pageants

Notably, during the coronation, Miss Korea Korea 2019 was sobeautiful that she "Defame"Miss Korea 2018 Kim Soo Min.

Both the rear runner team were not criticized for lookinglike "plastic face", they were also judged to be below average.

Meanwhile, Miss Kim Sae Yeon was praised for her natural beauty, akin to the charm of "The world's most beautiful Miss Korea" Honey Lee and actress Han Ji Min.

Long time Miss Korea was praised so much by the public. The beauty of Kim Sae Yeon, 20 years old, from the United States was crowned the highest, most appreciated both in appearance and talent.

People praised her beauty for the new Miss Korea

1. [+1,048, -124] Finally a winner who actually looks like someone worthy of the title

2. [+903, -121] She looks way better than the other plastic monsters

3. [+820, -142] I think she looks natural and pretty, almostlike Han Ji Min

Kim Sae Yeon owns a pretty body, the face is perceived to be natural and has a hard-to-find charm like Miss Honey Lee.

The moment the new Miss shine, looks no different from the singer in the dance competition with other contestants

Miss Korea 2018 Kim Soo Min appeared in the traditional hanbok, elegant but still disparaged for her beauty

The moment of the new Miss “beat” the former Miss in the same frame.

Except for New Miss in the middle,the rear runner from left to right includes Lee Da Hyun (22 years from Seoul),Lee Hye Ju (21 years old from Daegu), Shin Yoon Ah (22 years old from Seoul), Woo Hee Jun (25 years old from Busan and Ulsan), Lee Ha Nuey (23 years old from Daegu) and Shin Hye Ji (23 years old from Seoul) are badly disparaged about beauty. They are the same as from a mold and another is criticized too old and lack of charm.

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