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Shakira Reveals Her Performance at the Super Bowl 2020 in an Interview with '60 Minutes'

Shakira Reveals Her Performance at the Super Bowl 2020 in an Interview with '60 Minutes'

Shakira Reveals Her Performance at the Super Bowl 2020 in an Interview with '60 Minutes'

Shakira Reveals Past Pain In Upcoming 60 Minutes Interview.

There aren't many celebrities that can make a successful jump from one realm of the music industry into another, especially if they're trying to break into a different market altogether.

One of the most inspiring artists who accomplished that feat and still remains popular to this day is Colombian singer Shakira, who has been dominating record charts in both Latin and International markets for over twenty years.

And it all began when she stepped out of her comfort zone with one of her biggest crossover hit songs 'Whenever, Wherever'

Upon its release, "Whenever, Wherever" received generally favorable reviews from music critics, who complimented its production.

The song became her breakthrough hit in the United States, peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100.

In doing so, it became her most successful single in the country, though it was eventually surpassed after "Hips Don't Lie" peaked at number one on the chart in 2006.

Shakira has definitely made a name for herself in the world of popular music, and her contributions haven't gone unnoticed.

For this year's upcoming Super Bowl it was announced that the one and only Jennifer Lopez would be performing the halftime show.

But she's not going to be doing it alone as it was revealed that Shakira would be joining her for the performance. Billboard broke the news after Lopez's announcement.

J. Lo's tweet simply has the "It's happening." caption, plus the date of the 2020 Super Bowl, alongside a photo of Shakira wearing a gold Pepsi bicep cuff (shouting out the halftime show's sponsor) and a massive two-finger ring with the 02.02.2020 date.

Shakira, meanwhile, posted a photo of Lopez wearing a Pepsi ring and belt buckle in her "Get ready" tweet.

Jumping ahead of the hype that is sure to become huge Shakira sat down with 60 Minutes' Bill Whitaker to discuss a few topics, including why it's so important for her to represent for her culture with J. Lo during this year's Super Bowl Half Time show (via Showbiz Cheatsheet).

“I feel that it’s going to be great because [Jennifer Lopez] . . . represents a really important part of the Latino community who lives in the U.S.,” Shakira said. “And I think in a way, I feel that I’m representing another part of the Latin world, which is all those people around the globe who almost barely speak English.

I think this is going to be an event to celebrate Latin culture and the importance of women, also, in the industry.”

She also revealed a personal story about her family's financial troubles when she was younger that propels her to always be successful.

“It was really important to me to vindicate my family’s financial situation and social status,” she told Whitaker on the news program, “and to a point that it became an obsession to me, a healthy obsession, I would say, you know to succeed in life.”

Shakira's 60 Minutes interview premieres on Sunday January 5. Check your local listings.


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