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Tom Cruise's New Beauty Possesses a Super Hot Body

Tom Cruise's New Beauty Possesses a Super Hot Body

Tom Cruise's New Beauty Possesses a Super Hot Body

Hayley Atwell is known for playing the role of Captain American's girlfriend, she will soon be starring with Tom Cruise in the new Sequel of "Mission Impossible".

Director of Part 7 Mission Impossible Christopher McQuarrie has just announced that the female lead will play alongside actor Tom Cruise is Hayley Atwell.

The actress with two British-American blood is no longer a strange face to the audience, especially in the superhero movie series. She is the person who plays Peggy Carter, girlfriend of Captain America.

Not only appearing briefly in Marvel's superhero series, Hayley Atwell's character also has his own TV series, Agent Carter, praised by the audience.

Before that, Hayley Atwell was known for many dramatic works such as A View from the Bridge, The Duchess films and The Pillars of the Earth.

Her father, Grant, is a photographer from Kansas City, Missouri. Her mother Alison is British.

Atwell took two years off to travel with her father and work for a casting director. She then enrolled at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she trained for three years and earned a BA degree in Acting.

Possessing a beauty of "female superpower", suitable for the roles that need strong, resolute, the actress also owns a sexy, real body with a sexy breasts. This advantage is used by her in cutting-edge fashion designs.

In a 2015 interview, Atwell discussed how her role as Peggy Carter influenced a then-recent tweet she made to her 319,000 Twitter followers about having her image digitally altered on the cover of a German magazine.

When one visitor to her page asked her, "Why are you so beautiful?", she retorted, "Why am I so photoshopped?" In the interview, Atwell stated, "It's important that young girls understand what Photoshop is. I do feel a certain amount of responsibility now that I'm playing Peggy."

Atwell was quite secretive about her private life, she kept her boyfriend's information confidential to the press. In an interview in 2017, the actress revealed that she was dating a doctor who had known each other since childhood.

"I finally met my companion for the rest of my life," Atwell said.

The 37-year-old beauty has never put her boyfriend on the red carpet, claiming to absolutely keep the identity of her lover.

Hayley is also one of the actors who stand up to protect gender equality in the film industry.

In 2018, she spoke out against director Woody Allen over a scandal of sexual abuse with her adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.

The first movie Atwell played was Cassandra’s Dream in 2007, directed by Allen. “Back then I didn't know what I know today. Do I want to work with him now (Woody Allen)? No.” Atwell told The Guardian.

Late last year, at the time a series of Hollywood female stars were hacked and spread hot photos, Atwell was also the victim.

Rumor has it that a website has posted a nude photo of herself shooting herself. The actress must rely on the law to handle it. A source said this was a "nightmare" for Atwell because she is a notable name in Hollywood.

On screen, Atwell had a hot scene with co-star Eddie Redmayne in The Pillars of the Earth. She also took off her clothes to reveal a sexy body in an episode of Black Mirror.

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