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Zara Mcdermott Posts a Sexy Series of Bikini Snaps From Marbella

Zara Mcdermott Posts a Sexy Series of Bikini Snaps From Marbella

Zara Mcdermott Posts a Sexy Series of Bikini Snaps From Marbella

Zara McDermott ignores the 'skinny shamers' as she posts a series of bikini snaps from Marbella love-fest with 'The One' Sam Thompson

Zara McDermott wasted no time in hopping onto a plane to catch some sun in Marbella as lockdown restrictions eased this month.

And the Made in Chelsea starlet was sure to continue to use the opportunity to show off her beach body on Monday.

Taking to Instagram, Zara, 23, was sure to show off all aspects of her phenomenal frame.

Slipping into a series of slinky bikinis, Zara paraded her physique around the pool.

The reality personality showed off her peachy derrière in a purple two-piece, before slipping into another plunging bikini in black.

She added a sun hat to the latter look, performing her sultry pout for the snap.

For another, she wore a skimpy white two-piece as she filmed herself in front of a mirror back at her room.

The day before, Zara declared her love for boyfriend Sam Thompson in a romantic snap shared on Sunday, whom she is abroad with.

She jumped on her beau in the swimming pool of their luxury villa in the loved-up photo.

The former Love Islander looked stunning in a yellow two-piece as she showed off her incredible figure and golden tan.

Earlier this week, the reality star lashed out at skinny-shamers who criticised her weight loss, while her boyfriend Sam echoed her woes.  

Prior to her trip, Zara has been documenting her health and fitness journey in forensic detail on social media and on Monday evening, she revealed a bikini-clad image had garnered widespread criticism that left her 'sad and confused'.

After she defiantly reposted the controversial picture, her Made In Chelsea star boyfriend, 27, took to Instagram to hit out at her critics in a foul-mouthed rant as he admitted to being 'f**ked off' by the skinny-shamers.

Zara has been keeping fans up to date with her weight loss and even launched her own Instagram page - A Day With Zara - to share cooking tips.

oth her personal and health pages are predominantly focused on scantily-clad images and on Monday, she revealed she had fallen victim to trolls - who branded her overweight last year and are now criticising her slimmed-down frame.

In a lengthy post, she penned: 'Earlier on I posted a pic of myself in the mirror. My abs were looking great, I looked strong, I have been working super hard in the gym...

'I feel amazing, and I’m having an amazing holiday. I have been eating pretty healthy, getting my 5 a day every day, just feeling all around great...

'This time last year I was being relentlessly trolled online for being too fat. And if I’m honest, it was a huge catalyst for me taking a look at myself...

'The positive being that I changed my lifestyle for the better and turned it into a positive, when I could easily have felt down and depressed about those comments...

'That’s just the kind of person I am. On my journey to getting to where I am now, I never starve myself, in fact I post most of what I eat on this page and I love cooking!! I LOVE giving people healthy meal ideas...

'However I saw some comments saying my body now is too slim. I never thought those kinds of comments could hurt me, but if I’m honest they hurt me more than the fat shaming comments. Why?...

'Because I have worked so hard to get to where I am, I have spent so much time changing my lifestyle and focusing on being healthier...

'I can now walk up a hill without feeling out of breath, I can run down the road and feel absolutely fine, my mental health has never been better. But now, every time I post a pic of my body, I get shamed. So what do I do?...

'In a society where bodies are plastered around every social media page, do I now have to hide mine? Even though I feel more confident than ever? Why? Do I need to put on weight and become unhealthy again so people don’t bully me online?...

'Do I need to change? I’m feeling down, confused, sad and upset. I want to be able to show my body, my results, my hard work, just like most other people do online, and not feel panicked and insecure about what people will say...

'Oddly, I feel like I was praised more online when I was bigger, however I was unhealthy then, so what is the right thing to do in this society we live in?...

'I am HEALTHY, HAPPY, I am a healthy BMI (actually in the mid range for someone my age and height). I don’t want to hide away and start feeling unconfident again, but I also don’t ever want to upset anyone! Advice please.'

Zara then posted the image she was initially criticised for sharing, while adding the caption: 'Reposting this because I am so proud of myself and where I have got to...

'It hasn’t been an overnight fix, it’s taken me a whole year to get here, mentally and physically. I am PROUD.'

Sam then launched to Zara's defence, as he took to his own Instagram account to pen: 'Not many things p**s me off but bringing someone down because they are happy with their fitness journey and natural weight loss f**ks with me...

'How can people see someone lose weight, whilst maintaining a healthy diet and all the while gaining strength (she's deadlifting 50kg now) how can people see this as a problem?!...

'The fact that people can now be triggered by someone being happy and positive about their healthy natural fitness journey and see that as an attack on young women baffles me. I will never understand it...

'If promoting being fit and healthy in body and mind is now seen as harmful to young people then please stop the world... I want to get off. I for one couldn't be more proud of you and how far you've come Zara. I love you'.

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